Family room

Family rooms have up to 4 main beds and 1 extra sofa-bed. Some family rooms have a bedroom, 2 extra regular beds and 1 extra sofa bed. A maximum of 4 adults with a child and a baby or 3 adults with 1 child can be accommodated here. The minibar is not stocked.

Amenities in the room

30 sq.m


Mini bar

Spacious terrace

Bathroom with shower



Other suggestions


Double room

Double room 7

Quad room



Reservation conditions

1.1. You could make a reservation for BSA Gradina Hotel in one of the following ways:

  • by writing us at e-mail:
  • by phone: +359 876 004 960
  • on site at the hotel
  • via the “Book now” button

1.2. Once we have received and processed your request, we will contact you to confirm availability.

1.3. You will receive a confirmation of the reservation made to the e-mail you specified. It describes the type and number of rooms booked, the date of check-in and check-out of the hotel, the number of adults and children specified in the reservation request, the basis of meals and the amount due.

1.4. At the hotel’s discretion, a required security deposit of up to 50 (fifty)% of the total cost of the reservation may be required to be paid before check-in. We expect receiving payment from you within 10 (ten) working days of sending our e-mail (unless another period is agreed between the parties). The remaining amount of your reservation is due 7 days before your arrival. If you wish to cancel a reservation for which a security deposit has been transferred, the cancellation penalties described below apply.

Exclusive bonus
for every reservation

For every reservation made through our website, you get free access to a private beach with an umbrella and two sunbeds.

Exclusive bonus